Production to be proud of.

Faymonville Group

We achieve something truly impressive in our production.

In order to  move 15 to 25,000 tons, you have to think in other dimensions. This makes the production of special vehicles for heavy-duty and special transportation all the more exciting. Sometimes we have to roll up our sleeves, try things out, draw conclusions, learn new things and move on. Our production facilities not only create semi low-loaders, low-bed trailers, telescopic semi-trailers, inloaders, modular vehicles and self-propelled vehicles, but also special stories, intensive experiences and unique lessons learned. If you feel up to this challenge and would like to grow together with us: Go ahead and send us your application.





    Our offer

    Exciting projects

    Fixed routines, standardized processes and challenges that are completely new to us. This is what distinguishes our work. We accept the challenge, get started and solve complex problems.

    Collaboration on equal terms

    We encourage a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere – and we also demand respectful interactions. We can laugh and have fun together, but the priority is always that everyone feels 100% comfortable and welcome with us.

    Innovative equipment

    As a leading manufacturer of heavy and special vehicles, state-of-the-art technology is required. We work at the cutting edge and are equiped with the equipment of tomorrow.

    In-house first

    We don't take things lying down. When we can do something ourselves, we do it. That's why we have four different plants in four different countries that complement each other perfectly.

    A strong team

    In fact, we can't stress this enough. We are proud of each and every one of our employees. Together, we make a brilliant team that has developed into a company that stands for character, strength and cohesion.

    Personal responsibility

    Tackling challenges, putting things into practice and getting the ball rolling. This only works if everyone knows what they have to do and puts it into practice. Sometimes it takes courage – sometimes even cockiness. But we believe in initiative and what it creates.



    A secure employer

    Our strong position in the market, our worldwide activities and our broad positioning of the production sites provide us with security. A great added value for our employees. This ensures that they have a safe workplace at the Faymonville Group on which they can rely – tomorrow and in the future.


    Bonus system

    Our employees create solutions with which our customers move countless millions of tons around the world. In order to reward this extraordinary achievement, we have a variable bonus system that allows every employee to benefit from the company's success.


    Career development

    We have an open ear for the career wishes of our employees. If you are motivated and hard-working, you can land your dream job at the Faymonville Group. In addition, we offer our employees numerous further training opportunities – in the form of seminars, further training and courses.


    Celebration culture

    When colleagues become friends. We not only toast new successes, we also cultivate a family relationship beyond work. Whether it's company parties, Christmas parties or Eligius: we all celebrate together and have a good and fun time together, even outside of work.


    A modern working environment

    Perfectly positioned for the future. We attach great importance to contemporary design and modern equipment. We provide our team with work equipment that not only fulfills its purpose, but also delivers that little bit extra.


    Collaboration on equal terms

    We encourage a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere – and we also demand respectful interaction. We can laugh and have fun together, but the priority is always that everyone feels 100% comfortable and welcome with us.




    Let's get started: After receiving your documents, our HR team will check your application and whether it matches the relevant position.

    Phone conversation

    We would like to hear from you: In an initial conversation, we would like to get to know you better and introduce you to our company.

    Initial interview

    You are kindly invited: In a personal interview via Teams or on-site, you will get to know our HR department and your potential supervisor.

    Second interview/trial day

    It's in our hands: In a second interview with your potential supervisor and management, you can win us over – and we can win you over. And if the second round takes place as part of a trial day, we will give you a practical task during where you can convince us of your skills and talents.

    Contract discussion

    You impressed us! And hopefully, we also impressed you. We look forward to meeting you in person to discuss a concrete offer and a draft contract.


    We're off to a very good start! We are delighted that we were able to gain you as a Faymily member and welcome you in the near future. Thank you for your trust in us.


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    5. Where exactly is the company headquarters located?
    6. Is shift work available?
    7. What further training opportunities do you offer?
    8. Does the Faymonville Group also have company parties?
    9. And what about company vacations here at the Faymonville Group?



    Talent Acquisition

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