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We are Faymonville Group

Faymonville Group

On the move, around the world. At home all over the world.

We started 7 generations ago as a small forge in Belgium – now, we're operating globally in over 125 countries. Every day we face exciting challenges and think in dimensions that seem impossible at first glance. But as a team, we take on every challenge – no matter how big it is.

We think high, wide, long and heavy. We work efficiently, with intelligence and with responsibility. We get the job done, we put things into practice and we find solutions. And we are very proud of what we do. This makes us an exceptional company. A company that has even become a bit of a family for some. And the best part: Our Faymily continues to grow.

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    A family business

    In-house by design – 100% of the time. As a family-run company, we are always passionate about what we do. When we can take something on, we do it. Our family structure gives us a very special independence – and that brings us even closer together.

    A hands-on mentality

    Don't just talk – get down to work and get things done. This is the kind of motivation that our employees bring with them. We value and encourage initiative and drive. We sometimes make mistakes and learn from them, but in the end, we deliver exceptional solutions in an impressive amount of time.

    Together with power

    As a full-service provider, we rely on the exceptional breadth of our team. And we can rely 100% on our employees. We work hard, we stick together and we pull together. We do this with a lot of power and great motivation – every single one of us. Day after day.

    Full dynamics

    We are flexible and agile because we get started, try things out and achieve results. We make our decisions quickly and efficiently in our everyday work – for example, when it comes to investments. This gives us an additional competitive edge.


    We trust our employees and give them responsibility. We actively encourage them to implement and achieve things. This can only be done with a team-based structure and if there is a very special relationship between supervisor and employees. Characterized by respect, appreciation and the knowledge of where the strengths of each individual lie.

    Performance culture

    A chain is always only as strong as its weakest link. That is why we are always on the lookout for strong people with whom we can optimally align ourselves in all positions. And yes, we work hard. This is part of our DNA. That's how we grew and became big. This can sometimes be exhausting, but it leads to success and is rewarded by us.